Trivia / Koihime†Musou

  • Bad Export for You: MangaGamer was set to distribute the English version of the original game, until they announced that due to licensing cost issues and subsequent demands from Japanese publisher Nexton, said game will be released without voice tracks. MangaGamer tried to reassure potential buyers though by offering a 5 Euro discount for the voiceless version of the game, and that if 2000 copies get sold, they will release a patch that restores the voice tracks. Nonetheless, much of the fanbase weren't very happy about it.
    • Averted, since denizens of 4chan created a voice patch for the trial demo and have done the same for the full game.
      • It should be noted that MangaGamer did release the patch eventually.
  • I Knew It!: Ryuubi may be The One Guy in the anime, but by mid-season, the Shin Koihime visual novel was announced with a female Ryuubi prominently displayed on the cover. The conclusion's too obvious
  • No Export for You : MangaGamer has stated that translating, localizing, and releasing the Even Better Sequel to the original game would be too cost-prohibitive given their expected levels of profit, due to the greatly-expanded amount of text.
  • Series Hiatus: The manga, based on the first game, has only released one volume in the 2 years since it began. By this point it might actually be seen as null