Funny / Koihime†Musou

  • When everyone assumed that Bachou got Ryuubi pregnant due to something Shokatsuryou misinterpreted[1]. Everyone eventually found out actually ate bad bamboo shoots (which were actually meant for Chou'un but she was late in getting back).
    • Right during those moments, Chou'un FINALLY returns back to their home....meanwhile, due to her bumping into Kada (who actually was the one who proposed Ryuubi's actual stomach pain), cue Chouhi opening the door on Chou'un, bashing her forcing blood to spill out of her mouth....and cause her to fall over the bridge and fall down, Acme style. And no one else noticed her at all from that moment, and not even Kada saw her drop down due to running into Chouhi.
      • Then there was that ONE moment where Chou'un/Sei hops back up...only to drop back down in the moat in the same way.
  • Ryofu's response to Chinkyuu doing a knee drop on Rin Rin. She gives her a serious face, and you'd expect her to talk down to her. Instead, she tells her that she didn't do the knee drop correctly.
  • During Shin Koihime Musou, When Kada meets with Sousou, after knowing Sousou's having constipation, since she refuses to let him cut open her stomach, he tells her that he could use acupuncture techniques...which he explains to her with multiple sword clashes sounds. Sousou is not amused about it so she kicks him out, goes berserk holding her scythe and even order Shunran to execute him.
  • Nightmare Fuel aside, anything involving Chousen in the first OVA, which involves Norio Wakamoto in all his GLORIOUSLY HAMMY VOICE are guaranteed to make you laugh.
  • During their time in Nanban (or the Nanman) in order to find an ingredient for a medicine, Chouhi protects a poor little elephant from a ferocious tiger, as everyone else in the party was bathing due to the hot weather....cue afterwards when the tiger leaves, everyone has quite the reaction to Chouhi's Death Glare which she couldn't undo at the moment (her eyes were stuck like that).
  • Anytime Chou'un/Sei does some absurd stuff, such as trying out sarcasm, and adopting her "Butterfly Mask" identity. So far, only Ryuubi/Touka seems to not know that's Sei behind the mask.
  • Kougai DOES NOT LIKE IT when people insult her age.