Funny: Koihime†Musou

  • When everyone assumed that Bacho got Ryuubi pregnant [1]. She actually ate bad bamboo shoots.
  • Ryofu's response to Chinykyu doing a knee drop on Rin Rin. She gives her a serious face, and you'd expect her to talk down to her. Instead, she tells her that she didn't do the knee drop correctly.
  • During Shin Koihime Musou, When Kada meets with Soso, after knowing Soso's having constipation, since she refuses to let him cut open her stomach, he tells her that he could use acupuncture techniques...which he explains to her with multiple sword clashes sounds. Soso is not amused about it so she kicks him out, goes berserk holding her scythe and even order Shunran to execute him.
  • Nightmare Fuel aside, anything involving Chousen in the first OVA, which involves Norio Wakamoto in all his GLORIOUSLY HAMMY VOICE are guaranteed to make you laugh.