Tear Jerker / Koihime†Musou

These are the tearjerking moments from the anime and the visual novel.

  • Shuuyu's monologue during her death scene in the original visual novel. It shows the depths to which she has sunk since Sonsaku died. The anime shows more of the relationship between the two and the scene becomes even more poignant as the viewer understands that Shuuyu has been pretty much holding it together through sheer willpower all this while.
    • Makes it all the more heartwarming when in Moeshoden she and Sonsaku are finally together and are free to live in peace along with the rest of the cast. She then tells Sonsaku that she loves Sonsaku and Kazuto, who made the alliance with all of the factions possible. The best part is that with no war her sickness won't be so fatal since she has the rest of the girls to count on in managing the country and with Sonsaku, and Kazuto, worried and caring for her.

  • Chinkyu's backstory in the anime. While just about everyone else, including all the Token Mini-Moe characters, are certifiable badasses that can take care of themselves, Chinkyu is just an ordinary girl who tried her very best to earn enough just to live. If not for the kindness of Ryofu, she would have died of starvation.
    Chinkyu in tears: "I'm not begging.... I am not begging! I just want to work so that I can eat... So I'm not... so I am not a beggar..."