Trivia / Kagerou Project

  • Fan Nickname: Before Seto's official name was revealed, most fans took to calling him "Forest-kun" in reference to Imagination Forest, the song he debuted in.
    • Haruka was called "Dead-kun" by the English fandom before his official name was released based on the Children Record PV where there's one scene he appears in where he lying on the ground looking dead.
    • Takane was nicknamed "Actor" based on the PV "Headphone actor" until her official name was released.
    • Kuroha is a Fan Nickname since he still currently lacks a canonical one. Some merchandise call him Black Konoha, Dark Konoha, or Konoha? though.However Jin later confirmed Kuro Konoha to be his canon name.
    • Mekakushi Trio or Orphan Trio for Kido, Seto, and Kano, and Yuukei Quartet for the high school kids Shintaro, Ayano, Takane, and Haruka.