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YMMV: Kagerou Project
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Moon Viewing Recital as a whole. Especially considering it came after many really depressing songs. Momo's interactions with Hibiya are all too cute, and it's nice to watch Momo help Hibiya slowly get over his Survivor Guilt was very nice to watch. Shintarou watching out for Momo at the end made it sweeter.
    • Summertime Record, and the fandom's response to it. Ayano would be proud.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
  • Hollywood Pudgy: According to Kido and Shintaro, Momo's quite heavy.
  • Memetic Mutation: "May soda be eternal".
    • Kuroha being associated with bees, in reference to his color scheme.
    • "Welcome to my womb".
    • Konoha's expressions in the announcement of his voice actor.
    • "Maternity Spiral"
  • Mood Whiplash: In the Mekakucity Records cd, Outer Science plays after Re:Gunjou Rain. And after Outer Science? The upbeat Otsukimi Recital, followed by Lost Time Memory.
    • The order in which the music videos were released as well. After Konoha's State of the World, a continuation of Heat Haze Days, Kisaragi Attention was released, which is one of the happiest songs in the series. And following Yuukei Yesterday's release was the Nightmare Fuel-induced Outer Science. Summertime Record was completed two days after.
    • Chapters 17 and 18 of the manga. In Chapter 17, we're finishing off Takane's route, it's a little bittersweet, but still optimistic. Then at the very end we see Kuroha. In Chapter 18, Kuroha immediately brutally murders Seto, Kido, Kano and Ene on page before Mary resets the route.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Route XX Shintarou arguably crosses it when he chokes Ene to death when she was just trying to help him.
    • Kuroha, when he murders everybody.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Kuroha's expression in the MekakuCity Records crossfade PV.
    • Outer Science in general.
      • Everything about Kuroha for that matter.
  • One True Threesome: The original Mekakushi Trio, Kido, Kano, and Seto.
    • Shintaro, Ene, and Konoha are sometimes shipped as this as well, or for that matter, Shintaro, Ayano, Haruka, and Takane.
  • Tear Jerker: Ayano's suicide, and Shintaro's reactions in Toumei Answer and Lost Time Memory.
    • And then Ayano no Koufuku Riron came along and made it even worse.
    • Challenge. Watch Yuukei Yesterday and then Outer Science. Or just read the manga up to Haruka's death and try NOT to cry a single time. If you win: good for you. If you lose: congratulations and welcome to everyday life of the fandom
    • The Kagerou Days time loop, and its affect on Hibiya in Otsukimi Recital.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Kido. Even Jin was confused with her gender!
  • Wham Episode: Lost Time Memory, with its reveal that Ayano had an eye power, and Shintaro may have inherited it.
    • Ayano no Koufuku Ririon's reveal that Ayano was the sister figure to Kido, Seto, and Kano, and the original creator of the Mekakushi-dan.
    • The MekakuCity Records booklet, since it reveals that everyone is actually Dead All Along who came Back from the Dead because of their eye powers.
  • Wham Shot: Towards the middle of the MekakuCity Records crossfade, the video shows the silhouettes of Takane (Ene) and Haruka (Konoha) as Yuukei Yesterday, their shared song, plays. It then cuts entirely to Haruka. The video goes dark and he becomes Kuroha, as Outer Science plays.
  • World Of Woobie: Pretty much everyone (sans Momo) qualifies as a woobie.
    • Momo is actually also a woobie; it's just that her problems are miniscule compared to everyone else's.

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