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Trivia: Johnny Mnemonic
  • Actor Allusion: Johnny's implant is disguised as a prosthesis for counteracting dyslexia. Actor Keanu Reeves, in fact, suffers from this disorder in real life.
  • Bloopers:
    • During his escape from Ralfi's club, Johnny throws away a handgun once it runs out of ammunition, only to be seen clearly holding it again in a subsequent shot.
    • When Spider attempts to run "decryption codes" for Johnny's implant, and the camera captures this scene by circling around all the principal actors, the camera casts a shadow on actors and scenery whenever it passes in front of any of the lighting rigs (which are also visible) that illuminate the set.
    • Much of the Street Preacher's wardrobe spontaneously disappears in-between shots while the character is crucifying Jane.
  • Creator Backlash: William Gibson isn't very happy with what became of this adaptation of his own story. Gibson himself, despite being credited as the sole screenwriter, has insisted for years that it wasn't his screenplay that was ultimately produced.
  • Deleted Scenes:
    • The Japanese release is roughly seven minutes longer than the American/International release. Changes include extended sequences, alternate takes/dialogue used for existing scenes, a different Opening Scroll, and a different musical score and soundtrack mix. Scenes NOT in the American/International release include:
      • Johnny acquiring his "memory doubler" from a contact in the lobby of the Beijing Hotel. Dialogue between the two suggests that Johnny is already aware before he gets to the hotel room that even with the memory doubler his storage capacity would not be adequate for the job he signed on for.
      • Ralfi's bodyguard who coldcocks Johnny in a men's bathroom pointing out afterwards that he hasn't been in a men's bathroom in "years".
      • The Street Preacher delivering a sermon about rejecting the organic body and embracing technological implants as part of God's plan for humanity and salvation from the NAS plague. PharmaKom goons come to bring him the preservation chamber with which to store Johnny's head.
      • Johnny has a completely different reason for "doubling himself" when hacking his own brain to find the last image of the download code. In the International cut, it's so Johnny could survive an attack from the computer virus protecting the MacGuffin. In the Japanese cut, it's so Johnny could survive "looping" the final third of the code through Jones.
      • Takahashi killing two mooks Shinji had appointed as henchmen after Takahashi says he did not give him permission to have henchmen, as well as berating Shinji for failing to collect Johnny's head a second time.
      • J-Bone explaining that Jones is a "junkie" and demonstrating that he requires some unnamed drug from a syringe.
      • An additional scene of Takahashi mourning the loss of his daughter, while observing a holographic projection her.
      • J-Bone's distorted visage appearing on Takahashi's Video Phone to encourage him to rebel against his corporate superiors.
      • An additional lecture from the AI woman, speaking to Takahashi; she appears with long, curly, blonde hair that the character is never seen having in any of her other scenes. In the Japanese cut, this scene is the character's first appearance.
    • On the other hand, of notable absence from the Japanese cut, making this exclusive to the American release, are the reaction shots of other main characters in Heaven during Johnny's final hacking sequence. We never cut out to J-Bone to deliver exposition to help the audience make sense of the CGI action (e.g. "He's doubling himself"; "Don't worry, that's the double"; etc.), and the CGI sequence just plays out, leaving the audience to try and make sense of it all on their own.
  • Executive Meddling: According to Gibson, the movie was re-edited by the producers in order to make it more "mainstream". The Japanese release is said to be closer to the director's and Gibson's original vision, although that probably isn't enough to make it good.
  • Genius Bonus: A Japanese character viewable during our first glimpse of "Internet 2021" (found directly above the words "Internet 2021") is a character very rarely seen in Japanese languagenote . It's pronounced "tou" or "kasa", meaning "hackneyed, cliched" in English. Very likely one of the graphic artists having a chuckle at the expense of the paymaster.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Ice-T, Udo Kier, Henry Rollins, Takeshi Kitano, and Dolph Lundgren all fill out the supporting cast.
  • Mythology Gag: The bartender seen with the electronic prosthetic arm is a reference to Ratz, a bartender introduced early in William Gibson's Neuromancer.
  • Parallel Porn Titles: "Joannie Pneumatic"
  • Technology Marches On:
    • In 1995, 320Gb was massive. By 2010... hard drives of 1 terabyte are under $100. 80 gigs nowadays could fit on a small USB thumb drive.
      • Similarly, the original short story, written in the 80s, involved hundreds of megabytes, before this was upped to gigabytes for the movie adaptation over a decade later.
    • J-Bone urges everyone to "get their VCR's ready" when the Lo-Teks are about to broadcast the cure to NAS.
    • The lack of plasma and HDTV monitors anywhere really becomes apparent when television is supposed to be viewed as a prevalent characteristic in this world.
    • Faxing is already pretty outdated by today's standards, and the lone fax machine seen in the movie takes something like three minutes to warm up before finally beginning to send a fax. Even 1995 fax machines didn't move that slowly. Given how easy it is for Johnny to track where the fax was going, he might as well have sent three .jpg files via E-mail.
    • Encrypted E-mail was already a thing people knew about and knew would be better developed over time back in 1995 when this movie was seen in theaters. Siskel & Ebert even commented at the time that they couldn't willingly pretend to believe that, by the time the movie takes place, there wouldn't be an easier way to quickly deliver encrypted digital information than what the movie depicts. Now in 2012, the movie's premise of a "mnemonic courier" whose job is to move digital data from one location to another physically—through meatspace and not through a computer network—grows increasingly unrealistic.
      • Given that the Internet is still pretty darn slow (the most anyone has access to is 1Gbps,or 128MB/s), it's actually still faster to Fed Ex a bunch of hard drives, DVDs, etc. than over the net. Harder to snoop on remotely as well.
    • Johnny apparently takes a Concorde jet to Newark. In real life the Concordes were retired in 2003.

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