Film / Absolon
Absolon is a 2003 Sci-Fi/Thriller film set in a Dystopian near future. In the year 2010, a plague wipes out five billion people. A treatment, Absolon, is eventually discovered, and the world government that arises from the ashes of The Plague distributes Absolon to what's left of Humanity.

Fast forward several years. Mankind is still dependent on Absolon, requiring daily injections to avoid catching The Plague. Detective Norman Scot (played by Christopher Lambert) is investigating the murder of Dr. Frederick Reyna, the scientist who created Absolon. In the course of his investigation, he meets World Justice Department Agent Walters (Lou Diamond Phillips), who is strangely interested in the case, as well as Dr. Claire Whittaker (Kelly Brook), the woman in charge of the group that was funding Dr. Reyna's research.

Scot discovers that Dr. Reyna was working on a cure for The Plague, and turns out he may have been killed to cover it up. As he digs deeper into the mystery, his whole world gets turned upside-down, and even Absolon itself may not be what it seems...

A Direct-to-Video movie, Absolon was done on an estimated budget of $8 million, most of which must have gone to the cast, as there seems to have been precious little left over for anything else. The scenes with Ron Perlman are easily the most entertaining parts of the film.

This film provides examples of: