Trivia: In Plain Sight

  • Actor Allusion
    • A retroactive example - when Bobby D is Put on a Bus in season 3, it's explained that he's on a task force in Chicago. Todd Williams subsequently took a role on The Chicago Code.
    • Inverted: In 2x03, "A Stand-Up Triple," the very non-maternal Mary asks Stan and Marshall to shoot her in the head if she ever has three kids. Two years later, the actress was pregnant with her third child.
  • The Danza: Mary Shannon, played by Mary McCormack. Incidentally, the alias the character uses is "Mary Shepherd".
    • And in season 3, Allison Janney plays new WitSec director Allison Pearson, and Raph's aunt Rita Molena is played by Rita Moreno.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Stan is played by Chris Rock's maybe-racist teacher. Mary and Marshall themselves have had several secondary roles in various series and films.
    • Mary is Mrs. Howard Stern. And when Mary got shot, the lady that she was protecting is played by Angelica Castro, or Mrs. Cristian De La Fuente. (Mary, he's married!!!)
    • Also, Stan aka Jose Quesada is back to being himself lately.