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Awesome: In Plain Sight
  • After Jinx attacks her, Mary says that yes, she IS superior to them for not having a criminal record and eviction notices. Then when Jinx tells her that she wasn't actually Daddy's favorite, Mary pulls out a stash of letters from the last 20 years that Dad sent her, saying that she was his favorite.
  • In the season 2 finale, Stan tossing around a freakin' CIA officer who nearly got Mary killed. He comes within a hair of bouncing the guy off the walls of the hospital.
  • In the season 3 premiere, Marshall Mann, action metrosexual. Well, not so much action, but who else would use a scarf to solve a crime?
  • For all her faults, Delia gains some serious cred (even from Mary!) when she stares down a Neo-Nazi woman who calls her a "house slave."
    Delia: You don't have to sign a thing. You can rant, and spew your hate, take a swing at me for all I care. I'd like that, actually. I'd like to see this entire office pin your cheek to the cold, hard floor and before you can get up from under my shoe, your deal's blown, and you're locked up where no one can protect your sorry ass. (steps closer) So, please, Ms. Owens, I'm begging you: don't sign.
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