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Funny: In Plain Sight
  • What happens to the meth.
  • In season 3 episode "Whistle Stop":
    Mary: You're...verbally impotent.
    Marshall: [looks pained] I swear this has never happened to me before.
  • In a season 4 episode, Mary gets impatient while her charge admits his love for a long-time flame, who he was set to testify against. She completely skewers the entire "Can Not Spit It Out love reveal" process.
  • In Season 5's "Drag Me to Hell," Marshall goes undercover as the witness for a sting operation. The thing is, the wit happens to be a Drag Queen who keeps performing at clubs despite the threat to his life. Hilarity Ensues as Marshall the Recursive Crossdresser sings a rather impressive rendition of "I Will Survive." Then the Big Bad shows up...
  • Mary's speech to her family when Brandi is revealed to be involved in drug trafficking listing why she's better than them.
  • Mary, recovering from being shot is running as fast as she can after the man who shot her, who is also recovering from a gun shot. . . and Marshall is strolling along, looking completely unfazed and very amused.
    Marshall: This is like a trailer for a movie called 'Geriatric Marshal'.
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