Trivia / Hell Girl

  • Anime First: The anime and manga began releasing almost simultaneously, but the former is the original and the latter the adaptation (anime has a longer lead time than manga). The manga's quite different, and lacks Hajime and Tsugumi except in omakes.
  • Contractual Immortality: Ai was dead by the end of season 2 but they wanted a third so...
  • Defictionalization: Someone has actually made a real "Hell Correspondence" website. For those who seek vengeance, the site can be found here.
    • By the way, it doesn't work. Your target will not actually go to hell, so you need not fear having a certain black mark put on your neck setting you on the path to hell.
  • Screwed by the Network: Animax Latinamerica licensed the second season and was supposed to have a dub...and then the channel rebranded.