Trivia / GamesMaster

  • Executive Meddling: The McDonalds sponsorship that the show had in Series 3 and 4. At the time, it was rumoured (And later confirmed by Dominik in a 2009 interview) that this was the reason for Dominik's departure before Series 3 (Although he did return in Series 4) and would appear to be backed up by one of the first things Dexter Fletcher said being a shot at Dominik.
  • Fake Brit: Inverted - Dexter Fletcher was best known at the time for playing Spike Thomson in Press Gang, a role which saw him using an American accent. When he began presenting GamesMaster in his genuine Cockney accent, he was accused of putting on the English accent.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Never released on DVD, and the show doesn't receive any repeat viewings due the news segments no longer being relevant. You can, however, find every episode on Youtube if you look hard enough.
  • Screwed by the Network: Channel 4 weren't happy when the show shifted its target demographic from children. As such, Dominik remarked at the end of Series 6 that it was his final series, as Channel 4 gave no indication that the show was returning for a seventh series. It turned out that the show had been renewed & budgeted for 18 episodes, but Channel 4 "forgot" to tell them until it was too late to make the scheduled slots; as a result, the final series was cut down to 10 episodes.
  • Word of Saint Paul: The infamous Mario 64 challenge - Dave Perry (The self-proclaimed "best games player in Britain") was in one of the show's challenges, and at the last minute the game in the final round was changed from Wipeout 2097 to Super Mario 64, sespifically completing the ice slide on Cool, Cool Mountain, which had not yet been released in the UK and as such, Perry had yet to play the game and vowed not to until it was officially released in the UK (Though he has since said that he has never played the game, since he has "always hated those cutsey Nintendo games"). Perry wound up suffering a humiliating defeat, immediately claiming he was set-up on camera & sulking when questioned about his defeat. Perry has stuck by the stance that the game was changed from a neutral game none of the contestants had played to Super Mario 64, and when he asked the other contestants if they had played it, only the eventual victor, Kirk Ewing, came forward and said he already had both the N64 and the game on import for three months, and it just so happened Kirk's best friend was... Dominik Diamond. Naturally, the only evidence to any of the behind-the-scenes actions is the testimony of Dave Perry, with no-one else involved with the show commenting on the matter.
    • That said the entire Christmas special was one giant piss take. For example, the answer to the question to a Sonic 3 "What happens next" question is apparently "the footage cuts to a clip from Supreme Warrior in which a character is blown up by lightning", really. So how much of this is malicious and how much of it is Perry failing to take a joke is up for debate.