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Trivia: For Better or for Worse
  • Creator Breakdown: Many readers allege that Lynn Johnston suffered one of these in the strip's later years, thanks to a messy divorce from her real-life husband, who was also the inspiration and model for John Patterson.
  • Executive Meddling: Lynn Johnston wanted to end the strip in 2008, however executives didn't want to give up her spot in the paper given how long it's been there, and they weren't willing to rerun it like they do Peanuts.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Foob" and "Foobiverse" for the strip itself. "ReFoob" for the post-2008 Re Tool.
    • Anthony is "Blandthony", "the Mustache", "Pornstache," "Granthony," or "That Fucking Mustache Guy."
    • Liz and Anthony's wedding is the "Settlepocalypse."
    • The many intentional mutilations of "Mtigwaki."
    • The advent of several characters becoming blatant Purity Sues led to the nickname "Pattersaints".
    • Since the reruns began, Elly's husband John has picked up the nickname of "J-Rod" due to the obvious parallels between the character and Johnston's ex-husband Rod. Many readers noted that since the reruns began, the reruns chosen often highlight only the worst aspects of John, making it seem that Johnston is more than a little bitter about the breakup of her marriage.
    • Disabled former regular Shannon picked up the nickname "Shan...non" due to the odd way the strip rendered her severe speech impediments.
  • Reality Subtext: The character of Lawrence was partly based on a gay friend of the author's, Michael Boncoeur, who was murdered by a bicycle thief. The attitude of the police at the time was to make the murderer into the victim solely because Boncoeur was gay, which may be why the strip differs from other family strips in its unwillingness to uncritically praise the police.
  • Write What You Know: A number of the stories in this strip are almost certainly based off of Real Life experiences Lynn Johnson has.

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