Heartwarming / For Better or for Worse

  • After Farley's death, April is plagued by guilt and nightmares. John comforts her one night, saying "Our lives are on loan to us, just for a while. And no one knows how long each life will be. That is why we have to take care of each other, and to remember each day to appreciate the ones we love."
  • Elly's saving Farley's now-abandoned water bowl, marveling at the wealth of memories that can be provided by a cheap piece of plastic.
  • From the animated adaptation, Candace is having trouble with her mother (as usual) and stays at the Pattersons for awhile. When she lapses into her ways, Elly punishes her, and Candace says "Then this visit is over." While Candace is waiting for a Taxi, April says just what Candace needed to hear... that when Elly yelled at her and grounded her, she was treating Candace like "part of the family". The next moment, when she walks in with April at her side is especially heartwarming.
    "April says if I look cute, you don't stay mad at me for long."
  • When Gordon (who had an unhappy homelife) decides to get married at age twenty, his friends express surprise that he's willing to be tied down so young. His response?
    "I guess one man's 'tied down' is another man's security.'"
  • One strip has April bring her grandfather's harmonica on the school bus, only for a bully to toss it out the window. The bus driver initially is mean and crabby, but as soon as April tells him that it was her grandfather's and he had it in the war, he pulls over and tells every kid on the bus to search for it.
  • April sees her grandfather fixing things around the house and asks how long he'll be staying with them. He says as long as he's needed. Later Elly asks her what she's doing. "Looking for something to break."
  • Michael telling his kids about Farley near the end of the strip's run.