Trivia: For a Few Dollars More

  • Artistic License History: The film is set during the American Civil War, 1861-65 (as witness the Confederate money in the safe). One of the bandits comments that the safe "weighs three tons and can't be opened with dynamite." Indeed, it cannot - Nobel got his first dynamite patent in 1867.
  • Deleted Scene: Early American and British VHS releases and TV broadcasts feature an extended version of the scene where El Indio tortures Mortimer and Manco, including some new dialogue:
    Mook: Why let them live?
    El Indio: All things at the right time.
  • Playing Against Type: This, any several other spaghettis such as Sabata, is one of the few times, besides, say, Escape from New York, that you'll ever see Lee Van Cleef play a heroic character of any type.
  • Lee Marvin, Henry Fonda, and Charles Bronson were originally considered for the role of Colonel Mortimer.
  • When Colonel Mortimer gets off the train in the beginning, look to the left. La Calahorra Castle can be seen in the distance.