Trivia / Euro Trip

  • The Danza: Scott "Scotty" Thomas is played by Scott Mechlowicz
  • Dawson Casting: Of the 4 main actors only Michelle Trachtenberg was still a teenager — even Kristin Kreuk was in her 20's playing a 16-17 year old. Even Jessica Boehrs, who played Mieke, was in her 20's.
  • Non-Singing Voice: Matt Damon isn't singing "Scotty Doesn't Know"; it was sung by Chris Baird, the bassist and lead singer of Lustra, who performed the song.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In the original script (found on the DVD), there was a character named Adam Lane, the class valedictorian and Cooper's favorite Butt Monkey (he refers to Adam as "Adam Lame", and even got other people to call him that), who would tag along with Scotty's group during their trip, and served as their tour guide. Adam also spoke in a fake British accent. In the final version, Adam was cut, and most of his traits (minus the fake British accent) went to Jamie.
    • Also in the original script, while in Amsterdam, instead of going to Club Vandersexxx, Cooper asked for directions to a brothel called "The Secret Room", and he did find the place. What he didn't know is that he actually went to The Anne Frank House, where he made out with an Anne Frank mannequin, thinking that it was a sex doll.
    • There's also a deleted subplot involving French waiter Jean-Luc chasing Scotty's group across Europe for not paying the dinner bill. Jean-Luc appeared in the deleted scenes.
    • Instead of him being hired by Frommer's, Jamie's story would have ended on a downer note; in the film's stinger, it was revealed that he joined the Legionnaires, still distraught over how he kissed his own sister.
  • Working Title: EuroTrip's original title was "Ugly Americans", but it was changed by Dreamworks, likely to cash in on the success of Road Trip.