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Trivia: Enderís Game

The books:

  • Executive Meddling:
    • Ender's Shadow was originally titled "Urchin". That title was re-included as that of the first chapter.
    • An accidental example: Card intended for only Speaker For the Dead and Ender's Game to be written. His agent accidentally pitched them as "the Ender trilogy", and Card decided to use the opening to write Xenocide.
  • Inspiration For The Work: Orson Scott Card got the idea for Ender's Game as a kid, when he tried to theorize what the military of the future would use to train soldiers in space, thus imagining the Battle Room. That manifested into the original short story, but the full novel didn't emerge until he was trying to decide who would be the protagonist of Speaker for the Dead, when his wife suggested it could be Ender.
  • What Could Have Been: The Shadow books were originally going to be written by different authors, each centering on a different member of Ender's friends.
  • Word of God: In one interview on National Review, Card says that he was inspired by Bruce Catton's histories of the American Civil War, and that part of the message was that war means sacrificing the innocence of young people for the Greater Good and that it is the duty of the old to make sure their civilization is worth it.

The film

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