Trivia: Dragon Quest VII

  • Development Hell: The game was originally intended for the 64DD in 1996, but was then switched to the PlayStation in 1997 - the game itself was finally released in 2000, when the console successors were on their way or already out. By the time it came out in North America, the Gamecube was quite literally just around the corner.
  • No Export for You: A 3DS remake was announced in 2011 and finally saw release in 2013... but only in Japan. Rumor has it that Nintendo of America wanted to localize the game (thanks to Dragon Quest IX having been a success for them previously), but Square refused and instead only allowed Nintendo of America to localize Bravely Default. However in 2015 series creator Yuji Horii stated that localized versions of the game (along with the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VIII) in multiple languages may be in the works, and if true this trope will hopefully be averted.