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There may be a 3DS Remake of Dragon Quest VII
I can understand maybe not putting a DS remake of it, especially with Dragon Quest VI and Dragon Quest V being higher priority...maybe. But the 3DS can handle it. It can even use the 3D effects on the battleground to make it look 3D, retaining the look of the original. However, it'd probably have revamped backgrounds, better cutscenes, and look a bit less...well, fake with the special effects. Add a "Save anywhere" or just stick with the good ol fashioned Quicksaves (or save points) and we could have an epic handheld adventure that'd last for 300 hours on the 3DS.
  • Confirmed!
    • Now we have to hope it makes it out of Japan...
      • Confirmed as well, set for a release date over three years after the Japan release. Better late than never!