Trivia / Doom Patrol

  • Ascended Fanon: Scott Fischer wasn't given a superhero name during his time in the book, but prominent letter writer Charles J. Sperling decided that his name had to be "Blaze". Near the end of that era, the book's editor said that "Scott has adopted the name of Blaze, I think, but he hasn't officially used it."
  • Exiled from Continuity: Morrison's run actually predates Vertigo and was considered part of the main DCU. Pollack's run, though, was technically confined to the Vertigo sub-verse along with its sister titles in the 90s. And the next Doom Patrol, John Arcudi's, was technically part of the main DCU again but still considered Pollack's run in continuity. (Meaning that in the end, the only nominally Exiled from Continuity Doom Patrol run simply... wasn't.)
  • Name's the Same: Elasti-girl from The Incredibles.
  • Promoted Fanboy: The series has been out of the mainstream enough that many of the writers got the gig because they were fans of earlier series. Paul Kupperberg, Grant Morrison and John Byrne were all fans of the original Drake run, Rachel Pollack was a fan of the Morrison era (and had some letters published in the final Morrison issues, jokingly angling for the job, after she'd already gotten it), Keith Giffen admitted he'd been trying to launch a Doom Patrol book for years, and Gerard Way is a confessed Vertigo fanboy who really likes the Doom Patrol and wrote a series that's more than a little like Morrison's run (though he was technically an intern at DC before starting My Chemical Romance, so this may or may not count).
  • Schedule Slip: Gerard Way's run has become infamous for this, only managing to go three issues before being hit with numerous and repeated delays, sometimes with the same issue being pushed back three times.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Rachel Pollack had another arc in mind where a man finds an ATM, or Automatic Tarot Machine, that gives him abilities in line with the Tarot deck based on his PIN number, before Dorothy eventually uses it to turn him back into the Fool.
    • Joe Casey's Automatic Kafka started life as a Doom Patrol pitch.
    • Another rejected pitch that has come to light in the past few years was one by Scott Lobdell and Ilias Kyriazis, about an all-new Doom Patrol featuring stalwarts Cliff Steele and Gar Logan leading Tefé Holland, Platinum, Madame .44, Zatara and Bizarro, of all people. Kyriazis' blog also features concept art of Changeling, Tefé and Platinum combining into a platinum sword-wielding, tree-limbed green shark.