Funny / Doom Patrol

  • Ernest Franklin, The Beard Hunter, in Grant Morrison's run, is without doubt a deeply unpleasant and messed-up psycho, but he's also completely ridiculous. Due to a hormone deficiency he can't grow a beard, so he hates and envies anyone who can. This of course leads him to go after Niles Caulder. Cue massive doses of Large Ham and Chewing the Scenery. Lampshaded by his mother, who he lives with:
    Ernest's Mom: Your Oscar's in the mail, Miss Streep!
    • Ernest: You know where I've been, mom. I've been out on the streets, fighting my lonely war against facial hair. Why do you have to keep asking me the same thing every time?
      Ernest's Mom: Facial hair! You're thirty-six years old, Ernest. Don't you think it's about time you had a girlfriend?