Heartwarming / Doom Patrol

Volume 1

  • In Doom Patrol volume 1, issue 86: The Brotherhood of Evil, the three members of Doom Patrol plan a surprise birthday party for the Chief, deciding that that certain day would be the Chief's birthday since he never told them before. As though that - and the way they got the gifts - wasn't touching enough, it turned out that it really WAS the Chief's birthday.
  • After hearing Beast Boy's story, and taking out his Evil Uncle Galtry, Rita takes it on herself to adopt the young shape-shifter. Gar may be a wise-ass, but he never talks about Rita with anything but respect.

Volume 2

  • Grant Morrison's run had multiple moments with Robotman and Crazy Jane. They're broken in different ways, but can connect with each other far more easily than with the normal people around them.
  • A little twisted, but Monsieur Mallah and the Brain finally declaring their love for each other was kinda sweet.
  • Joshua helping Dorothy shed her abusive imaginary friends she created as a child and come to terms with her own coming of age. This is signified by her rejecting the bloody Red Shoes she used to have nightmares about, from an old European fairy tale, and finding they have turned into the Ruby Slippers from The Wizard Of Oz.
    Dorothy: Ruby slippers. They were ruby slippers all along...
  • Flex Mentallo regaining his memories and heroic will.
  • The Brotherhood Of Dada finding a home for themselves within the artistic pocket dimensions inside The Painting That Ate Paris.
  • Some parts of the second Brotherhood's presidential campaign, especially Mr Nobody's quest to liberate the minds of the people around him from the shackles of monotony and drudgery.
  • Rebis revealing that for all of his severing of connections with the past associates of his two components, he still considers Cliff his dear friend.
  • During Pollack's run, both Cliff and Kate are offered their "ideal" bodies as a Deal with the Devil but come to realize the bodies they have now are as perfectly "them" as they'll ever need.
  • George and Marion, the Bandage People, are not treated like pariahs in their town because of their appearances and powers. Instead, the two are considered local heroes and their aid is greatly and openly appreciated by the townspeople whenever it's needed.

Volume 3

  • Cliff reunites with his brother, who welcomes him with open arms. He even gets to meet his niece!