Trivia: Doctor Who New Adventures


  • Promoted Fanboy: The editors of the series made a point of being accessible to first-time authors—going so far as to recruit them from fanzines and the like—which led to quite a few of the novels being written by fans. Some names you might recognise: Paul Cornell, Mark Gatiss, Russell T Davies...
  • Name's the Same: Sort of. Both the Seventh and Eighth Doctors encounter a type 102 TARDIS in their run. However, the two couldn't be more different; one is an advanced but otherwise mundane TARDIS from Gallifrey's future. The other was not only once human, but the prototype basis for future sapient TARDI Ses.
  • What Could Have Been: Virgin at one stage, until the BBC rejected the idea, considered having the Seventh Doctor regenerate into an Eighth incarnation, who on cover illustrations would have been visually based on David Troughton, son of Patrick Troughton.