Trivia: Brave New World

  • Banned in China: Due to its sexual content and other controversial themes, it was banned in numerous countries for many years.
  • Science Marches On: Huxley was ahead of his time in saying that fetal exposure to alcohol is a Bad Thing, but his assumption that it's possible to create a specific level of disability with a specific amount of alcohol is not true. In real life, the results are immensely more variable than Huxley suggests, and much of the difference has to be random chance: it's common for one member of a pair of identical twins born to an alcoholic to be severely disabled and the other to be completely normal. His assumption that women need to go through fake pregnancy if they don't really get pregnant, and that darker-complexioned women need to go through it at an earlier age because they're "born to have babies young", is an unfortunate remnant of early 20th century racial and sexual theories that portrayed women in general as constantly subject to My Biological Clock Is Ticking and darker people as more "primitive" on a biological level.