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YMMV: Brave New World
(Both the Pokémon fanfic and the Huxley novel of this title point to this YMMV page.)

The novel:

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The worship of Henry Ford looks even sillier given the direction of his namesake company and the U.S. car industry as a whole.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The painful conditioning of Delta babies against books and flowers.
  • Squick: In the casually promiscuous society in which the book takes place, it is considered healthy - even endearing - for young children to sexually experiment with each other. There is also a memorable passage pointing out the more Freudian aspects of breastfeeding, and the descriptions of John's mother.
  • Unfortunate Implications: On top of some of the more sexist and racist sections under Science Marches On, there's an In-Universe example in one of the "feelies," which features a woman being kidnapped by a sexually voracious black man and having to be rescued by three dashing, virile white men, whom she promptly rewards with sex.
  • Values Resonance: One of the newer printings says this on the back cover.
    • If you want further proof, just look at this.
  • The Woobie: Poor, poor John "The Savage". As if growing up bullied and ostracized by everyone was bad enough, he ends up despising the very world he thought would be his one salvation. And after being ostracized there too and paraded around like a circus animal, he chooses exile. After the curiosity seekers chase him even there, and after betraying his beliefs in a drug-induced stupor, he is finally Driven to Suicide.

The fanfic:

  • Anti-Climax Boss: Manaphy: Despite being a legendary he's really a pushover and gets beaten up and down with silly ease once our heroes break his Heart Swap gimmick.
    • Also Ford. Who, unlike his Paper Mario counterpart, Grubba does not get a chance to go One-Winged Angel, or even have a proper fight with the heroes. Lampshaded by Leo during the next arc.
  • Big Lipped Feraligatr Moment: You know something had to be particularly bizarre for even Tarantulas to refuse to mention it again.
    • What was it again? Oh yes; Chobin temporarily becomes crazier than usual, suddenly starts acting like Fawful, and attempts to kill Leo and co. with a giant Groudon Mecha.
    • The author will occasionally insert long tracts of backstory for bit characters, then announce that it doesn't matter because it has little bearing on the story and you may never see them again anyway.
  • Crazy Awesome: Half the cast, Leo in particular.
    • Special mention to the rebelling slaves inside the Nihilator base. The Nihilators use brain implants to monitor their very thoughts. The slaves' solution? Allow their psychic ringleader to afflict them with multiple personality disorder to decoy the chips while they continue to plot in secret.
  • Crosses The Line At Least Ten Times A Sentence On A Slow Day: Chobin.
  • Fridge Logic: Plenty pointed out in the book.
  • HSQ: It starts with Ash and Pikachu curbstomping an entire army by themselves. Goes up from there and doesn't stop.
  • I Knew It: The Buneary is Dawn!
    • The thing behind the door is Giratina!
    • T-Bone IS The Masked Marauder!
    • Oblivion's Shadow is Mewtwo!
      • Who also happens to be the Blur!
  • Iron Woobie: The ninja Buneary not only keeps her horrible traumatic past to herself, but also shrugs off the weeks of brain-meltingly nightmarish torture that Tarantulas, Chobin, and Paul put her through. It takes a Diabolus ex Machina note  to turn her.
    • Now realize that she's Dawn. Either say goodbye to your childhood, or gain a lot of newfound respect for a familiar character.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Manaphy. After his Happily Adopted mother May died in the destruction of the world, he freaked out and spent an eternity trying to find her reincarnation. He failed and sank into bitterness and anger, choosing to abandon his duty as a Legendary. Eventually, he left a village that worshipped him to die, and when the gods stripped him of his title, he flipped out again. A Moral Event Horizon or two later, it's easy to pity him for never finding his mother figure or her spirit after she was supposed to be reborn, but he's a big jerk about it.
    • Not in his current life, anyway.
  • Memetic Badass: The Treecko evo line is renowned for their general badassitude. While disguising themselves...
    Leo: Awww, I was hoping I could be a Treecko!
    Sasha: Why?
    Leo: Because Treecko are hardcore!
    Ash: He's right, they are.
    • Later, Leo brings down a Grovyle with herbicide.
    Grovyle: No way...I'm to go out like this...
    • Even later, a Rescue refuses to fight a Grovyle named Crono (as in Chrono Trigger) because he has a sword, skyrocketing his Badass-powers and making him nigh-invincible.
  • Memetic Sex God: Gallades, apparently. Borders on The Pornomancer.
    • Bruce. You know him as Crawdaunt from the previous book. He is The Pornomancer.
  • Moral Event Horizon: It becomes impossible to feel sorry for The Legendary Birds after they horrifically kill almost all of Ash's friends on a flimsy justification while seeing nothing wrong with it. Then they try to worm their way out of trouble when confronted by Darkrai and Cresselia and end up deciding to kill them so they can't tell Lugia. Darkrai points out that this is not only stupid but also won't even work.
    • Leo says Manaphy crosses this when he threatens to kill his own children when they disagree with him.
    • Bellum creating Lily simply so that she can torture her.
    • Professor Tarantulas destroying the Tree of Life.
  • Squick: Try to read through Chobin's dialogue without dropping your jaw with disgust.
  • Tear Jerker: The entire end of the Tree of Life Saga.
    • Michael's encounters with his Grandmother and sister.
    • And the death of Vladmir, and Bob and Dean's reactions to it, especially since his last action was to grant Bob speech via "promoting" him.. It gets worse when you realise that not only was there too few vampires in the local network for his soul to be trapped, but also that the Nihalator fleet had soul-catchers running at full pelt, meaning that his soul will prabably be experimented on by Oblivion's Shadow.
  • Villain Sue: Oblivion's Shadow has shades of this. His conversation with Mespirit and his mother(?) shows that he is not as all-knowing as he seems and is suffering doubt about his plans.
    • As of Chapter 53, his Villain Sue status is looking shakier when Darkrai humiliates him via Loophole Abuse.
    • And now his other mental half, Mewtwo, is fighting back.
    • He should just hope that he doesn't go the way of his Paper Mario equivalent.
  • Wangst: Approached by Ash in a moment of flagging self-confidence, until...
    Briney: Oblivion's Shadow will be the bigger threat. If you show any signs of losing it and becoming evil, I'll kill you before it progresses any further.
    Ash: I'm not sure if I should be disturbed or gratified by that...or annoyed that you keep poking into our heads! I was having a monologue there!
    Briney: Yes, but you were starting to get angsty, and when that happens, no good can come of it. I thought I should cut you off before you started whining and bemoaning your fate, thinking you're a monster, and wearing black eyeliner and nail polish and maybe cutting your wrists.
    • When Sam's aggressive interrogation techniques fail against Brodie, he tries a Noir monologue. Everyone in the room is subsequently depressed to tears.
  • The Woobie: Lily, especially when you see what her mother's done to her in her entire life.
    • Also, Tiny. Abducted from his mother by Hunter J, said mother going straight to the Nihilators for corruption. Spends most of the story stuck halfway in a perpetual Shadow state due to his trauma. Almost immediately after he's purified, he's told that his father joined Team Rocket and betrayed Team ACT (getting one of them killed) in the hopes of rescuing his mother and himself.
    • To a lesser but still considerable extent, Gardenia from Team Rocket.
    • You have to feel sorry for Latios when he basically loses his sister to an omnipotent force beyond his comprehension, along with how badly he thinks of himself - he thinks he is a lowly third wheel in the holy, divine, perfect relationship of the Guardian of Light (Latias) and the Dragon God-King (Rayquaza). Sadly, he isn't entirely wrong there.
    • Ash, from how badly his life was FUBAR in the past (it is implied he killed Misty and caused the cataclysm itself, and it is confirmed he killed the Legendary Birds, Darkrai and Cresselia), and having to bear the knowledge that the CosmicKeystones they are collecting could drive him Ax-Crazy with another traumatic flashback.
    • Misty after she endures a ton of horrific torture and experimentation, gets dispersed throughout the multiverse, reformed on Deoxys's ship, and faced with her greatest fear. That's before we find out why she is afraid of bugs.....
    • Regigigas. He was tragic enough on his own, but when the Nihilators capture him by binding him with chains made of the other Regi's....

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