Trivia / Ben Drowned

  • Approval of God: Jibbs with king kong.wmv.
  • Defictionalization: A rare collaborative and (mostly) non-deliberate example. After reading thetruth.rtf, hordes of people started inputting BEN-related questions and answers into Cleverbot, effectively training it to play the role of BEN when prompted.
  • Development Hell: For starters, the real trailer to the game was supposed to come out on May 10, 2014.
  • Missing Episode: Some of the videos, such as "huntyoudown.wmv" have been taken down from Jadusable's account. Has been reuploaded here. They shouldn't have done that...
  • Schedule Slip: The ARG was apparently supposed to conclude (or have something important happen) on 4/23. Due to Jadusable's coding buddy being busy with work, it (and the rest of the third arc) got delayed. The ARG has also been delayed due to Alex's own busy schedule, especially with him attempting to make his passion film project. He currently has given a (somewhat) update regarding BEN DROWNED.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Jadusable Wiki.
  • Word of God: Jadusable did a long blog post (found here) about the plot, and revealed a few things with this. First of all, the whole ARG is parallel to the plot of Majora's Mask. A creature trapped inside a (cartridge/mask) uses someone else to help it escape into the (world/internet), and a bold hero from another dimension (Link/Alex) must save us. Oh wait, Alex is dead.
    • Someone on 4chan also theorized that Jadusable's the moon, though it makes much more sense to say that he is, in fact, the Skull Kid, as he's suckered into something that could destroy everything by accident. Also, Alex is back.
    • Jadusable held a Q&A on Feb. 16th answering some burning questions such as what mhftt stands for. Matt Hubris Four Two Three. Most questions were met with noncommittal responses or a Shrug of God, though. Transcribed here.