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Fridge: Ben Drowned
Fridge Brilliance
  • king kong.wmv is hilarious on its own, but it gains Fridge Brilliance if you remember an incredibly small and insignificant detail from the very beginning of the story.
    "His Nintendo 64 came with one yellow controller and a rather shoddy copy of Super Smash Brothers"

Fridge Horror
  • thetruth.rtf, on several different levels. For example, jadusable.wmv and thetruth.rtf were uploaded on the 12th and 17th respectively. thetruth.rtf tells you not to trust anything from him after 12:08 am on the 12th. Even worse, there's an easily missable comment about him living in a single room, meaning that the "roommate" who uploaded this final information doesn't exist, and that Jadusable is quite possibly dead.
    • Also, in thetruth.rtf, the word "believe" is spelled three ways, beLieve, belIeve, and beliEve. What does that make? LIE. That might have been an attempt to warn us that the document isn't the truth.
    • Downloading anything will let Ben invade your computer, but reading/watching is safe...Or is it? Three words: Temporary Internet Files. What's worse, nobody in the ARG seems to have realized this...unless they have and Ben's kept them from saying anything about it.
    • "You didn't have to do that. Really, you shouldn't have." And considering that to read that message you have to download a file, that's not being said in a grateful sense...
    • Jadusable said not to trust anything, and that BEN would try to give you a false sense of security, in TheTruth.rtf, this can easily lead to the conclusion that everything out of character was actually BEN trying to placate us, and that the "game" will actually be BEN.
  • Ben Drowned practically runs on this trope. The most obvious example would be that Oh, Crap moment when you realize that by watching the videos, you let him invade your computer. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero.

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