Time Lord / Web Original

Linkara is a time lord.

And The Spoony One is his TARDIS, why else would he, despite his hatred of clones, go out of his way to clone Spoony after he's blown up.
  • Alternatively, his TARDIS is the Doctor's phone booth, which he admitted to stealing in his entry for the Ask That Guy with the Glasses contest.
    • He has a sonic screwdriver in the Ewoks video.
    • Pollo looks very similar to K-9.
    • There's even further proof: he keeps companions. Think about it. Harvey and 90's Kid are out of their own time, so odds are they came with him after he went back to the 50's and 90's respectively. This also explains MarzGurl: While he did have feelings for her, the rigors of time travel wore on her and caused her to hate him so much. He most likely just recruited Iron Liz and had the whole taking up the sword thing as a smokescreen for his possible regeneration. Plus there's the whole team up with JesuOtaku for the interview thing, probably shopping for yet another companion.
      • And now that's out of the way, Dr. Insano is obviously another Time Lord, but one who screwed up the regeneration process, and thus went mad, and has tried to kill Linkara and his companion Spoony ever since.
      • Also as to why he's staying here, he probably still travels in between shows, again explaining the MarzGurl thing, and since time travel is instantaneous, he can be back the moment he left.
      • Not even close. (See the Spoony entry below.)
  • His crossover with Film Brain all but confirmed this. Film Brain used his sonic screwdriver to lock Linkara in the hotel room and at the end, Linkara directly quoted Eleven before punching out The Master Film Brain.
    • Or given the below about Spoony being the Master, Film Brain is more likely just another Time Lord who trapped Linkara for his own personal amusement.

Spoony is a Time Lord.

  • Spoony, a TARDIS? Pffffft. Spoony is clearly Time Lord Linkara's equivalent of the Master. Think about it—the evidence really stacks up:
    • Spoony and Linkara obviously share a deep personal connection, yet Spoony constantly (and deliberately) behaves antagonistically towards him. Proudly committing multiple sexual assaults (which is one of Linkara's personal Beserk Buttons)? Physically attacking Linkara when he was just trying to help? The constant personal and professional put-downs? That's not the way a "best friend" acts—that's the way a frenemy acts!
      • And that's without taking into account all the things Spoony does to antagonize us mere humans....
    • He's clearly very mentally disturbed, and yet Linkara keeps trying to make him "better"—no matter what Spoony does to try to drive him away.
    • He has an obvious companion in Burton. A robotic companion. One he built with his own hands, no less. And then re-built, after the original was destroyed. (So...Burton Mark II?)
    • We've already seen several of his regenerations, the major ones being Spoony Prime, Dr. Insano, and Spencer D. Bum. Other possible incarnations could include Spoonette, the Gate Cleaner, The Ultimate Spoony, Fucking Chuckles, and the Goddamn Avatar. (Hell, Miles could be a regeneration for all we know.)
      • "Clone" Spoony is neither a clone nor a regeneration, but a "Metacrisis" version of Spoony generated from the remains of Spoony Prime. Black Lantern Spoony might be another one (albeit a host for the power ring he wears).
    • And perhaps the most damning evidence of all: he hates all things associated with Doctor Who. (And why wouldn't he? The show could blow his cover, dude!)

Diamanda Hagan exhibits Time Lord traits

  • She has the ability to come back from the dead, and while her body doesn't change, her red and white face paint (established to be her actual face in Project Million) changes frequently.
    • She could be a later incarnation of Romana II who lost the presidency of Gallifrey and made a Face–Heel Turn, creating her own Dystopia on Earth. Romana was last seen battling a virus that effected the Time Lords' ability to regenerate, it's possible her erratic regeneration might be the result of her trying to find a cure.
    • Some have theorized that the seventh doctor's companion, Ace was being groomed for the Time Lord Academy. Hagan's immortality could be a result of Gallifreyan genetic alterations on Human physiology.
  • She also transported herself from one compound to another identical compound when under siege by the police. The room she does her reviews in could simply be her TARDIS.
  • This is why she hates The End Of Time so much.

Yeah, Turns out Phelous actually IS a Time Lord.

His house is his TARDIS, Sad Panda is his companion, Eli Roth and Uwe Boll are both different incarnations of The Master.
  • He actually did regenerate like the Doctor in the Dead/Alive review and House of the Dead review(since they happened back to back). Also given Obscurus Lupa and Overactors appearances at the end, they are probably former companions of his.

WMG/ Sad Panda and Welshy

Given they regenerated half a dozen times during the season 1 finale of Sad Panda Q&A, it's obvious their both Time Lords. Panda travled with Phelous a while(Which given that Romana travled with the Doctor it's not that much of a stretch), but then Welshy kidnapped Panda and forced Panda to work for him, and they eventually bonded enough that Panda didin't want to leave, so Phelous left him there(or Welshy kept him out , either way makes sense)

Bruno is a Time Lord.

ElectricalBeast is a Time Lord

This would explain his constant ravings on time travel and the ability to TELLY-POHT.

The Drake is really a Timelord.

Well, we haven't had an "X" is a Timelord guess for this series yet. It explains his shady past, unexplained success in land schemes, and having a "The" in front of his name as a definite article.

Captain Hammer is a Time Lord.

The hammer is his penis TARDIS.

Mama Luigi is a time lord who at some point regenerated into Gay Luigi (or possibly the other way around)

The bagel is his TARDIS.

Michael Swaim and Daniel O'Brien are Time Lords.

The versions that write the articles and the versions that appear in Agents of Cracked are different regenerations.

Harry S. Plinkett is a Time Lord.

And his cat is his TARDIS.

Think about it, he claims or implies that he is incredibly old, yet he's spry enough to kidnap hookers and break his phone; he's played by a different actor in the Half in the Bag series, obviously a future or past regeneration; he's been shot by police, and not only got better, but went on to make longer and better Star Wars reviews.
  • Also, if you think about it, Mike Stokasa's "character" in Half in the Bag could be one of Plinkett's past regenerations, meaning that the whole series is one big multi-Doctor episode. Also his VCR is his TARDIS.

Ceiling Cat is a Time Lord.
The hole in the ceiling is the door of his TARDIS. The primary evidence for this is that he is not limited to appearing in that ceiling, or in fact in any actual ceiling. Ceiling cat is watching you... everywhere. And when.

Ashens, for all his mockery of Doctor Who, is a Time Lord

And, as stated on this wonderful piece of evidence, the brown sofa is his TARDIS. That video really is his first video.
  • I would like to submit that he is an Alternate Universe version of The Master where he survived, and turned good, if not a bit snarky. Evidence: Just look at him! He looks exactly like him!

Jeremy, from The Strangest Security Tape I've ever seen is a Time Lord. Probably an evil one. Whose TARDIS is powered by motor oil.

A is a Time Lord

  • It would explain why the protagonist of TPP Emerald has the same name as the protagonist of TPP FireRed. May or may not also be Red and AJ.