Tearjerker / Nisekoi

  • In Shuu's crush arc, we realize that Shuu has a crush on Kyoko, the teacher, who is getting married in a month. Shuu decides not to do anything and just accept his heartbreak, spending the whole arc with a fake smile on his face. However, Raku points out that he's lying, he has regrets, and he should do what he wants to do instead of what's right, so he decides to run to her taxi and tell her his feelings for her. She tells him that she's glad he's not letting his youth go to waste, and that she wants him to be happy.
  • In chapter 115 the death of Ruri's great-grandfather.
    • Ruri telling her grandfather the truth and slowly breaking in seconds. Her trying to explain that she's happy with the friendships she's gained over the series doesn't make her Broken Tears any less painful to observe.
  • Chitoge breaking in tears over being unable to say goodbye to her friends and Raku after Claude locks her up until their flight to America will tug at a few heartstrings if one isn't filled with a desire to hurt Claude.
  • With Nisekoi nearing its end, regardless of whichever side of the Ship-to-Ship Combat you are on, it's sad to see the girls you have come to love being rejected by Raku or voluntarily giving up their love.
  • In chapter 213, Raku's reaction after Chitoge disappeared without a trace. He can't even try to cry.
  • In chapter 215, Chitoge running away from Kosaki.