Heartwarming: Nisekoi

  • In chapter 25, Raku drops everything and runs to search for Chitoge who got stranded in a forest. By the time he finds her, he's completely out of air because he's been running the entire time. After this incident Chitoge decides that they should call each other by their first names.
    It was dark and cramped, but when I cried, he came to save me.
    He always saves me when I cry.
  • Chapter 50: "Of course I hate you!"
  • Chapter 61: Raku works his ass off working as Chitoge's mother's secretary for two days straight without even sleeping, just so he can make her spend Christmas with her daughter. He's the best fake boyfriend ever.
  • Chapter 62: After some near failures and a high speed bicycle ride through to the airport, Raku's hard work pays off and Chitoge and her mom clear up their misunderstandings and get some much awaited bonding time alone together.
  • Shuu's arc in the spotlight, where he has to deal with his unrequited feelings for Kyoko (their teacher). Shuu had decided to not trouble her with a confession. However, after some advice from Tsugumi, Raku literally kicks Shuu's ass into confessing, remarking that "even the most thick-headed person can tell that your having no regrets is a lie". Raku even treats Shuu to that meal he promised him afterwards! What a bro.
  • Chapter 98: Onodera's reason for going to Bonyari High: Raku. She considers it an impure motive for picking a school, but went through with it because being able to see her crush was the closest thing she had to a dream.
  • Chapter 111: Marika eats one of the love candies produced by Beehive and starts falling in love with Tsugumi as an effect...but unlike the other girls, she's able to resist it. It shows just how powerful her love for Raku is.
  • Chapter 115: Ruri is lamenting that that she didn't smile in what would turn out to be the last photo she'd ever take with her grandfather. Then Shuu show's up and gives her a photo of her and her grandfather fishing, both of them with big smiles on their faces.
    • A little bit before that has Ruri using a bunch of Shuu's photograph's of her and the gang, to show her grandfather that while she doesn't have a boyfriend she is far from alone.
  • Chapter 141: Proudly obnoxious and shamelessly perverted Shuu gently but firmly rejects a girl who confesses to him, saying it would be unfair to her otherwise because he's still not over Kyouko-sensei. He even praises her for being brave enough to confess.
  • Chapter 144: Raku and Kosaki are forced to spend the night together in the same room at an hot springs inn. They're both too nervous to sleep and are sleep-deprived the following morning as a result, but ultimately end up asleep leaning on each other during the return bus trip.
  • Chapter 152 is full of these: During a school trip, Chitoge sneaks into Raku's room because she thinks he might feel lonely there. As they are planning their next day activities, Raku wonders when did it became natural to have her by his side. Later when Chitoge is about to leave, a thunderstorm starts and Chitoge -who's deathly afraid of thunders - clings to Raku. When Raku tries to check if she holding up, he finds hear sound asleep apparently calmed down by his presence.
  • Chapter 161 has Raku's Shut Up, Hannibal! towards Claude:
    So you're saying that because of that "bright future", you don't care what happens to her now? Are you sure you've been really watching her? Do you even know just how precious everyone is to her right now...!? Do you know how much effort she's put in to become friends with everyone after she transferred here...!? You know how much this means to her, and yet you're still trying to steal it all away from her!? You have no right to talk about her future!! HER FUTURE IS HER OWN!!!
  • Chapter 162 is also filled with these. The entirety of Beehive go against Claude's plans and make a petition for Chitoge to stay in Japan because they couldn't bear to see her cry, Tsugumi and Chitoge's reunion after she's freed from her confinement, The entirety of Chitoge's school friends group-glomping her after they find out she's staying in Japan, even Marika is happy beneath her competitive rivalry.