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Awesome: Nisekoi
  • Raku completes all the ridiculous assignments Hana-san gives him so efficiently that he manages to save three whole hours in her to-the-minute schedule - all so she can spend some time with Chitoge. When she still hesitates he karate chops her and calls her an idiot - and this is a woman so scary even her own husband who's a mafia boss fears her. When Raku puts his heart into something he's badass.
    • To top it off, this badass succeeds.
  • One of Beehive's wacky inventions is gummies that can cause a person who ate them to fall in love with first person they see. Marika however, took one and just merely confused with her feelings.
  • Paula saves Tsugumi and Raku from an enemy gang using a rocket launcher.
  • From the pilot chapter, we have Raku and the entirety of his group riding to the clock tower so he can make it in time to fulfill his promise to Chitoge...only Beehive is blocking his way. More specifically, Claude, who keeps rambling about how he won't hand over his Chitoge and won't acknowledge Raku. Raku, who was shaking in fear at this point, picks a fight with Claude, tanks every single punch Claude throws at him AND hits Claude square in the face with a Megaton Punch that knocks him out.
  • How Yui took control of her triad: she cried until all the various subordinates stopped fighting among themselves. Doubles as a Moment Of Funny.
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