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Heartwarming: Nodame Cantabile
  • Chiaki finally calling Nodame by her preferred nickname in the first episode/chapter.
  • Chiaki fake-sleeping and letting Nodame kiss him on the cheek.
  • Nodame actually going to Etoh to help her with the piano competition is this, since it shows how much her respect and trust in him has grown since he got rid of his Paper Fan of Doom and became nicer to her.
  • When Nodame finds out her plan to (slightly) cure Chiaki of his fear of flying is a success.
  • Nodame being pleasantly surprised by the audience's applaud after playing Schubert at the competition.
    • When she plays the same piece at home after finally touching the piano post-competition depression, her grandma claps for her which triggers Nodame's memories of the audience's applaud. Her grandma shows genuine awe and interest in Nodame's piece and her recent competition, and despite having messed up and lost Nodame still tells her, "Yes the competition was lots of fun!"
  • The hug from the back at the end of the first anime and live action really takes the cake.
  • When Jeanne mentions Chiaki to Veira, and the latter becomes very excited and happy to hear about him.
  • Chiaki and Nodame's secondnote  kiss.
  • Kiyora's reaction when she spots Mine at the Paris violin competition she was competing in, as well as the backhug she gave him.
  • Chiaki reuniting with Veira after many years of no contact.
  • Another notable moment is when Chiaki crawls into Nodame's room sincerely apologizing that he missed her recital...and Nodame accepts it as he drifts to sleep on her lap drunk.
  • After Chiaki and Nodame play their Mozart duet again, Nodame again says how her heart is pounding and jumps at Chiaki exclaiming, "Is this falling in love?!" Unlike last time, he doesn't stop her and actually hugs her.
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