Heartwarming / Nodame Cantabile

  • Chiaki finally calling Nodame by her preferred nickname in the first episode/chapter while assuring her that she can play however she feels like without him hassling her like before.
  • Chiaki fake-sleeping and letting Nodame kiss him on the cheek as thanks for helping him with the S Orchestra.
  • Nodame actually going to Etoh and staying at his place so he can help her with the piano competition is this, since it shows how much her respect and trust in him has grown since he got rid of his Paper Fan of Doom and became nicer to her.
  • Nodame finding out her plan to (slightly) cure Chiaki of his fear of flying is a success when Etoh's wife serves crab which Chiaki gave to her from Hokkaido.
  • Nodame being pleasantly surprised by the audience's applaud after playing Schubert at the competition.
    • When she plays the same piece at home after finally touching the piano post-competition depression, her grandma claps for her which triggers Nodame's memories of the audience's applaud. Her grandma shows genuine awe and interest in Nodame's piece and her recent competition, and despite having messed up and lost Nodame still tells her, "Yes the competition was lots of fun!"
  • The hug from the back at the end of the first anime and live action really takes the cake, and the scene that lead to it; after avoiding contact with him due to post-concert depression, Nodame finally calls Chiaki to tell him about her plans to apply for the Paris Conservatoire and her hopes to meet up with him while there. Chiaki, who's been desperately trying to look for her, passes her in a taxi and immediately goes out and walks toward her (without her knowing) while conversing with her. It's at the exact moment when Nodame mentions her dream to play a piano concert with him that he back-hugs her.
  • Chiaki telling Nodame's dad, amongst the many other times, that he truly loves Nodame's piano playing.
  • When Jeanne mentions Chiaki to Veira, and the latter becomes very excited and happy to hear about him, showing that despite many years of no contact he still remembers and adores him.
  • Nodame's first impression of Lucas is that he's an obnoxious little kid, especially when he laughs at her during her sight-reading lesson. However when he accidentally runs a whiteboard into her while playing, he's genuinely distraught, immediately checks if her hands are okay and gives her a band-aid for her bleeding forehead. Nodame also finds out that he was laughing at her because of the pout she makes when playing and not because she was struggling. Afterward the two hang out more and become good friends (Lucas takes it a step further and develops a Precocious Crush, but of course Nodame's only interested in being his Cool Big Sis).
  • In the manga when Yunlong plays the piano accompaniment for the opera-singing restaurant owner - when everyone applauds them, he's reminded of his family praising his performances, and he remembers why he does enjoy playing the piano.
  • After hearing Tanya no longer has plans for summer vacation due to lack of money and won't be able to hang out with her friends, Nodame tells the person in charge of recital on the phone that she plans on bringing her "husband" and her friend with her. Tanya's face lights up and hugs her afterward.
  • Chiaki and Nodame kissing for the 2nd timenote kiss, on the night of Nodame's first piano recital in France, and Chiaki's accompanying monologue:
    "It's been like this since we were in Japan. It seemed as though she was always following me closely. But yet it also seemed as though she was far away. It's fine, as long as I don't lose sight of her..."
  • Mine secretly watching Kiyora at her Paris violin competition. Then there's her reaction when she first spots Mine him at one of the results announcements, and when they're announcing the results for the final round she backhugs him.
  • Chiaki postponing/cancelling his plans so he can help Nodame focus on her pieces for school. He spends a lot of time with her in the process, which inevitably leads to some moments such as him kissing her while they're lying down studying.
  • Chiaki reuniting with Veira after many years of no contact.
  • The scene where Chiaki crawls into Nodame's room sincerely apologizing that he missed her recital...and Nodame accepts it as he drifts to sleep on her lap drunk.
  • Mixed as a Funny Moment, Tanya kisses Kuroki while he's sleeping and happily walks away to do chores, and it cuts to Kuroki's Blue with Shock face with her lipstick mark on him, showing he was awake after all.
  • After Chiaki and Nodame play their Mozart duet again, Nodame again says how her heart is pounding and jumps at Chiaki exclaiming, "Is this falling in love?!" Unlike last time, he doesn't stop her and actually hugs her back.
  • An official art (also used in the Finale ED footage) of Chiaki and Nodame sleeping next to each other upside down, with Chiaki smiling while holding her back and their faces very close to each other.