Funny: Nisekoi

Being a rom-com series about having to fake a relationship, it should come as no surprise that Nisekoi has funny moments by the boatload.
  • Tsugumi challenges Raku to a duel. The whole school finds out about it, starts placing their bets, and every last one of them bets on Tsugumi.
  • Let's just say that Class 1-C's Romeo and Juliet play... deviates from the script.
  • Paula telling Tsugumi to draw her guns only for Tsugumi to put food in front of her.
  • Chapter 58 of the manga: Ruri loses her glasses and her friends Raku & Onodera try to help her find them. When they come to rather unseen bushes behind a building, Ruri tells Onodera to do obscene things to Raku, except she was was actually telling this to Raku.
  • The look Hana made when she explains why she didn't come to see Chitoge often. The top-class manager somehow became a total Cloud Cuckoo Lander when it comes to raising a child.
  • The Whiskey Bon Bon incident: five girls get drunk off of whiskey bon bons. Four of them try to seduce Raku, while the fifth starts ranting about economics.
    • Any time the girls have taken alcohol is bound to be funny moment.
  • The Marathon event, which basically turns into a war between the Class 1-C boys (led by Shuu) and Raku and his harem (plus Ruri). There's plenty of hilarious gambits and counter-gambits involved.
  • Ruri's "I-don't-really-care-but-I'm-still-kind-of-pissed-off-punch" on Shuu when he fails to mention the fact that she's in a shrine maiden outfit, after he had commented on the other girls' outfits.
  • Paula mocking the other girls' gunplay with water pistols at the pool.
  • The amnesiac Raku gawking over Claude and Tsugumi's guns, not realizing that they're real.
    • Marika: "Maybe if I ransack Kosaki's room, I'll find more clues."
  • Raku and the girls go to hang their wishes on the bamboo, but they find that the bamboo is already covered in wishes- all of them from Marika and all of them about her getting together with Raku.
  • 104: Marika asks Raku to take care of her parrot, whom she named Raku-sama, with honorifics, while she goes on a trip with her dad. It's actually a plan which culminates with Raku having to shout a confession addressed to Marika to the escaped parrot just to have him return. Marika had actually trained Raku-sama to return only when the confession is heard just so she could secretly record Raku's voice as he shouts it across town. Along the way the parrot promptly flies around town saying provocative (and fake) lines between Marika and Raku (like I said, fake), and in front of the other heroines no less. Fortunately, Marika soon arrives just in time to save Raku from the misunderstanding.
  • Kosaki actually can cook pretty well when she is depressed.
  • Chitoge tries her hand at cooking boxed lunch for Raku in chapter 116, in order to one up Marika. She ends up making thisnote , thisnote , and finally her version of a fried egg.
  • Any time Tsugumi appears alongside some Beehive contraption, Hilarity Ensues.
  • "Teacher mode- off."
  • Raku's male classmates' reaction to the times when a new female transfer student is somehow related to Raku. It got to the point when they are accusing him of being a protagonist in a manga.
  • Every time Yui crawls into Raku's bed.
  • One chapter has Tsugumi accidentally eat one of the drugs produced by Beehive that reduces the strength of the one that eats it. Tsugumi starts thinking she can't be of any use to Chitoge if she doesn't have her strength and Raku, in a rare break of the norm for situations like this, instantly calls Chitoge to tell her what Tsugumi said, word by word. Then stomping sounds are heard and everyone is expecting Chitoge to come running towards them stomping...cue Chitoge kicking down the wall behind Tsugumi in unbridled rage.
  • Marika shows up at the beauty pageant in a bikini, and she gets a red card for showing too much skin.
  • Chapter 109 opens with Mari saying somethin amazing happened, following by laughing at Chitoge victoriously. Cue the next page which shows the results of the latest popularity poll....with Marika placing 2nd ahead of Chitoge.
  • Yui Kanakura, who up until now has been portrayed as a flawless, unbeatable rival of the girls, is finally revealed to have an atrocious singing voice. Her singing is so bad that some members of Raku's class collapsed (including Kosaki) when she sang before them. Raku himself has been traumatized by her singing, as he can't remember what happened after the first time she sang for him during his birthday when they were little. Tsugumi, on the other hand, is such a great singer that she can apparently make people see peaceful and calm visions.
  • How Yui took control of her triad: she cried until all the various subordinates stopped fighting among themselves. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Kosaki's mother and aunt are better pranksters than Claude.