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Funny: No. 6
  • Shion's little screaming fit in the first episode, Nezumi teasing him about it, and Shion's subsequent blushing in embarrassment.
  • The look of absolute glee on Shion's face as he readies a syringe and prepares to perform surgery on Nezumi's injured arm.
  • Shion excitedly asking Nezumi, who has him pinned to the ground and is threatening him, how he managed to do so.
  • That incredibly awkward moment where Safu asks Shion to give her his sperm.
  • In chapter 17 Inukashi's complaints about having to take care of a baby.
  • In episode 4 Nezumi brings over one of his rats while visiting Shion at work. He then learns that Shion named him.
    Nezumi: Dude! Don't name my rats!
    • And then his other two rats appear, which Shion also named. His reaction is best summed up as him making a "what the hell?" face.
  • The Oh, Crap moment in episode 5 when Nezumi realized Shion was in the audience and then that smirk before he gets really into his role.
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