Tear Jerker / Tokyo Babylon

  • Even though one troper already knew the ending to Tokyo Babylon, she still cried.
  • And even before the ending, there's the chapter in which Subaru befriends a kindly old man whose daughter, with whom he lives along with her husband and their two children, considers him a burden. The chapter follows one heartwrenching moment with another, until finally the old man, hurrying to get some bananas for his daughter because she's gotten sick, is hit by a truck while crossing the street and dies in Subaru's arms, asking Subaru to take the bananas to his daughter to make her happy. Which Subaru does, still covered in the old man's blood, and he makes very clear to the old man's daughter how cruel she's been been to her father, causing her to break down in tears of regret and remorse, begging her father's forgiveness.
  • And even before that, Hashimoto. When we are introduced to her, her class are splitting up into groups for a trip, and she sits alone. When the teacher asks if someone can join up with her, no one wants to. For this troper, it hit too close to home. Her constant bulling is also heartbreaking because nobody helps her and everyone bullies her for apparently no reason.
  • The spirit of a little girl asking her mother to avenge her. It's both horrifying and sad seeing her in perpetual sorrow.
  • The spirit of the woman in the Tokyo Tower. Hearing how her life went down for a single event is very sad.