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Tear Jerker: The Muppet Movie
  • Gonzo's song "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday" in the desert after Doc Hopper made a serious revenge to break down the engine on Fozzie's Station Wagon.
    Doc Hopper: I'm Doc Hopper, Reporting that if Kermit won't be a new spokeperson frog for my new Doc Hopper's Frogleg commercial, He will become a frog burger.
  • Kermit's epiphany immediately afterward: "Well then...I was lying when I said I never promised anybody anything. I promised me."
  • The final film appearance of Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, who died shortly after filming, and to whom the film is dedicated.
  • Kermit literally put his life on the line to rescue Miss Piggy, and how does she repay him? By running off the instant her agent calls with a hot tip on a job. It's so depressing that the film itself falls apart as the only possible segue.
  • It's a little hard not to choke up watching Jim Henson's Kermit singing his iconic song at the beginning.
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