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Tear Jerker: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
  • The entirety of the third act of the Season Two finale.
  • Monkeyman!Chiro attempting to bring Antauri back.
  • Watching Sprx have a break down as he watches Nova get sucked into a wormhole, listening to her cries for help when he can't do anything to save her, is absolutely heartbreaking.
    • Made even worse when you realize he'd been trying to confess his feelings to her not a scene earlier. He'd been this close to finally telling her, and then she literally slips through his fingers, presumably forever.
  • Sprx turning evil could be considered this to some people, too.
    • Watching Sprx electrocuting Nova while also threatning to magnetically tear her apart if the Monkey Team so much as twitches.
  • Valina's Dark and Troubled Past and her unfair death.
  • The Alchemist's last words to Nova are gutwreching, knowing what he was struggling with.
    "Forgive me, dearest Nova. I won't forget you, but it is imperative, that you forget me."
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