Tear Jerker / Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

  • The entirety of the third act of the Season Two finale.
  • Monkeyman!Chiro attempting to bring Antauri back.
  • Antauriís rebirth and reunion with the Hyperforce can be seen as a more heartwarming one.
  • Watching Sprx have a break down as he watches Nova get sucked into a wormhole, listening to her cries for help when he can't do anything to save her, is absolutely heartbreaking.
    • Made even worse when you realize he'd been trying to confess his feelings to her not a scene earlier. He'd been this close to finally telling her, and then she literally slips through his fingers, presumably forever.
  • Sprx turning evil could be considered this to some people, too.
    • Watching Sprx electrocuting Nova while also threatning to magnetically tear her apart if the Monkey Team so much as twitches.
  • Valina's Dark and Troubled Past and her unfair death.
  • The Alchemist's last words to Nova are gutwreching, knowing what he was struggling with.
    "Forgive me, dearest Nova. I won't forget you, but it is imperative, that you forget me."
    • To elaborate: Skeleton King was the Alchemist, a kind magician and sorcerer, who got corrupted by evil and created Super Robot Monkey Team to stop him.
  • Krinkle's backstory, raised by a robot, who while a great teacher, was a poor affection giver, and caused him to develop his obsession with heroes and a loving family. Later on, when he's forced into a Mind Rape by Antauri, we see from his memories that he wasn't just making it up or over exaggerating it (out of them, we see how he begged the robot to take him to the zoo and see monkeys when he was little, how he tried hard to train himself and failed, and how he made a vow to protect the city once he joined the team). This messes him up so badly that he loses his faith in the hyper force before his mind is literally destroyed by them to escape. He dies by being sucked into his machine through the cable, whereupon it explodes. The last shots are scrolls of the walls of his cell, lined with his paintings, all of which are either crying portraits of himself, kittens, and puppies among flowers, except one, a picture of himself being happy and being a part of his idol's team.
    • What's even worse are the heroes' reaction to it; they are not sympathetic or helpful at all, and only serve to further his insanity.