Tear Jerker / Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

"Why did you do it?" "To preserve... his dignity."
  • That Spock has faced Half-Breed Discrimination has been hinted at in the original series, but this movie shows he's been faced with it since he was newly born, with even his own father making a disapproving "so human" comment upon being presented with his newborn son.
  • McCoy's hidden pain — making the decision to take his dying father off life support — is truly moving. Especially the fact that a cure was found soon after, compounding his feelings of guilt and loss.
  • Kirk sitting round the campfire with his friends telling them that he expects to die alone.
  • Syboks's Heroic Sacrifice was a bit of a tear jerker. His badass challenge to the God wannabe was a good way to go about it though.
    Sybok: (furiously charging towards the entity) I couldn't help but notice your pain!
    God: (scoffs at the idea) My pain?
    Sybok: It runs deep, SHARE IT WITH ME!
    • Only a member of Spock's family could make that sound badass and still be a tear jerker moment.
      • The true tear jerker is Sybok's utter heartbreak upon learning that the God he sought was an impostor - and his realization of It's All My Fault.