Tear Jerker / Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

"Why did you do it?" "To preserve... his dignity."
  • That Spock has faced Half-Breed Discrimination has been hinted at in the original series, but this movie shows he's been faced with it since he was newly born, with even his own father making a disapproving "so human" comment upon being presented with his newborn son.
  • McCoy's hidden pain — making the decision to take his dying father off life support — is truly moving. Especially the fact that a cure was found soon after, compounding his feelings of guilt and loss. This scene is so heartwrenching (and DeForest Kelley performs it so sincerely) that it's considered by most to be the single best thing about the entire movie.
  • Kirk sitting round the campfire with his friends telling them that he expects to die alone.
  • Syboks's Heroic Sacrifice was a bit of a tear jerker. His badass challenge to the God wannabe was a good way to go about it though.
    Sybok: (furiously charging towards the entity) I couldn't help but notice your pain!
    God: (scoffs at the idea) My pain?
    Sybok: It runs deep, SHARE IT WITH ME!
    • Only a member of Spock's family could make that sound badass and still be a tear jerker moment.
      • The true tear jerker is Sybok's utter heartbreak upon learning that the God he sought was an impostor - and his realization of It's All My Fault.