Heartwarming / Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

  • While The Final Frontier may be fairly ghastly, there are one or two genuinely good bits, including this moment near the end where Spock rescues Kirk from fake God:
    Kirk: I thought I was going to die.
    Spock: Not possible. You were never alone.
    • It's all in Leonard Nimoy's "Oh, please, as if you could ever think otherwise?" delivery.
    • Of course, it's undermined a bit by the ending of Star Trek: Generations...
    • It's made even better when Kirk, touched beyond words, reaches out to hug Spock, for one of the only times in the filmography.
  • This exchange:
    Spock: I have lost a brother.
    Kirk: I lost a brother once. I was lucky enough to get him back.
    McCoy: I thought men like us didn't have families.
    Kirk: I was wrong.
  • General Korrd deserves a mention once he dresses down commander Klaa, he seems to have gotten his 'mojo' back.
  • Personally I liked watching the growing bond between Talbot and Caithlin Dar. You only see them in the background most of the time but, they are awfully cute together.
    • Of course the mutual bonding between three seemingly incompatible groups like the Federation, Klingons and Romulans is something Gene Roddenberry always said was unavoidable.