Tear Jerker / Scott Pilgrim

The page is called "The Parts In Scott Pilgrim Which Are So Sad, So Very, Very Sad."
  • One noticeable one is when Ramona says goodbye.
    • Almost immediately after that is Scott's attempts to find Ramona's cat Gideon, culminating in him staying up so late in the snow that he actually misses it when Gideon does show up... and then pads off into the snow again...
  • Another is when Scott moves away from Kim in a flashback.
  • Also in volume 5, during the twins' fight when Kim, who still has feelings for Scott, has to lie to him in order to make him believe that it isn't over between him and Ramona.
  • Ramona abandoning Scott, followed by Kim leaving Toronto.
  • When Scott is killed, the sheer look of horror on everyone's faces, including previously ambivalent/jerkish characters, is a pretty powerful moment. This is, however, followed up with some Mood Whiplash from Gideon offering to buy everyone drinks.
  • Poor Lisa Miller's non-story with Scott: "you could have asked" "maybe we should have" and even Ramona's reaction to Lisa's attitude towards Scott: "There wasn't *anything* between you two? Not even in highschool?"
    • Lisa apparently cried her eyes out when Scott told her he was in love with Ramona.
  • It's hard to pinpoint exactly where, but everything after Ramona vanishes in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe can bring a tear to your eye.
  • Even before that, we have Kim bluffing to keep Scott's spirits up during the fight in Volume 5.
  • And waaay before that, Knives being dumped.
  • Volume 6 starts with the image of a subspace door opened to reveal a desolate desert, such as the desert Scott keeps finding himself in when he's dreaming ("I'm so alone..."). It's an extremely poignant image and an ucomfortable start to an emotionally hefty ending.
  • This video of Ramona, composed of footage and stills from a photo shoot. It's not really as much sad as it is emotional, considering the acoustic ballad playing as BGM.

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