Heartwarming: Scott Pilgrim

  • Kim faking Ramona calling to give Scott hope at the end of volume 5. It Makes Sense in Context
  • The ending counts as one... Ramona and Scott finally ready to stop running from their problems, literally leaping into the future before them. Awwww.
  • Knives leaping in to save Ramona during her fight with Envy, just so Scott can be happy.
  • "You'll always be my Clash at Demonhead" (Whatever that means.)
  • Envy's Heel-Face Turn and reconciliation with Scott. CLOSURE!
  • Scott apologising to Kim, basically for being himself, at the end of Volume 5. Kim's reply is a completely sincere "Apology accepted", actually smiling for a change.
  • Scott finally telling Ramona he loves her in volume 4.
    • And her saying she loves him too afterwards.
  • Near the beginning of Volume 6: "K-Kitty."
  • Scott's building anger when Todd slaps Knives.
  • Ramona reappearing to Scott after months of absence in volume 6 and trying to apologise to him for being such a sucky girlfriend, but she can't get it out because Scott just won't stop kissing her.
    Ramona: DOWN, boy!
    Scott: Damn it, Ramona! I forgive you already!
  • In volume 5, Ramona, Scott and Kim get smashed at a party, lay around in a pile on a bed upstairs and drunkenly pal around. Then when they finally leave, Kim pulls them both into a group hug before heading home.
    Kim: I seriously wish I could...like...be you, Ramona. I mean, you're so...y'know?
    Ramona: *kisses Kim on the head*
  • Though it doesn't make Scott feel much better, there's something very sweet about Knives telling him in volume 6 that even though she's moved on, she still cares about him.