Tear Jerker / Rise of the Planet of the Apes


  • Scenes with Will's father that reveal the symptoms of his Alzheimer's disease, especially after Cure 1.0 fails.
  • The death of Will's father, who refuses to take Cure 2.0, signalling to his son that it was perhaps time to let go.
    • Arguably made worse by the fact that the scene is completely wordless.
  • Caesar being separated from Will for the first time at the primate shelter.
  • Caesar learning that his mother died.
  • Buck's death.
  • Due to the Downer Ending described in the Main section, the realization that Caesar will likely soon lose his adoptive father as well.
    • Franklin's death. He was one of the only people at the facility who actually cared about all the apes, yet he dies a slow and probably agonizing death as the first victim of the plague.
  • The immediate aftermath of Caesar attacking Hunsiker to protect Charles. After Hunsiker's daughter comes out, Caesar realizes that he made a mistake, and goes over to hug Charles. The expressiveness on his face is just gut-wrenching, as seen at the top of this page.
  • Everything about the attic window that Caesar draws on the wall of his cell.