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Nightmare Fuel: Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  • Yeah, Hunsiker was a jerk, but consider this: Imagine being chased by a vicious chimpanzee hellbent on killing you for being angry your car's been smashed up. Or worse, being the poor bastard getting beaten to death by a dozen or so angry apes. At least Caesar steps in to save the latter before it's lethal, putting him in a cell for his own protection.
  • Koba himself. Out of all the apes, he's the most horribly scarred and demonic looking.
  • Caesar's first few moments in the primate center. Locked in a small cage, at the mercy of a threatening human "overseer" whom he can understand, and surrounded on all sides by angry chimps screaming and thrashing around violently.
  • Jacobs' death, trapped inside of a wrecked helicopter falling off the side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Yes, he did get his comeuppance, but you could tell those screams were of genuine terror.
  • Caesar's Big "NO!" will send chills down your spine.
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