Tear Jerker / Rambo

Rambo is not only about shooting villains and Mooks into tiny bits, it's also one of the most tearjerking examples of how hellish war really is. So it deserves a tearjerking page of it's own.

Works in this franchise with their own pages:

Second film:

  • Same for the second film:
    Rambo: I want...what they want...and every guy who came here to spill guts—and give everything he had—WANTS! That our country would love us...the way we love it!
  • The theme for the end credits, "Peace In Our Life".

Third film:

  • Rambo talking about how he feels like he matters in the village Trautman finds him in. He's clearly been searching for so long to find a place he can really belong, and he doesn't want to be a warrior anymore.
    Rambo: I'm sorry. But it's gotta end for me sometime.
  • From Rambo III
    Col. Trautman: You're always going to be tearing away at yourself until you come to terms with what you are. Until you come full circle.
  • The massacre of the Afghanistan village.