Nightmare Fuel / Rambo

Works in this franchise with their own pages:

First film:

  • Really, facing Rambo is nightmare fuel on its own. This is especially emphasized in the first film, where it is clear that many of the people searching for Rambo are scared out of their minds trying to find him.
  • The mineshaft. Cornered by the National Guard in the entrance to a cave? Crappy. Being covered with [hungry, biting] rats while half-submerged in water in a narrow passageway with only a torch for light while trapped inside a mountain? Terrifying.
  • Rambo getting tortured in the Vietnam flashbacks.

Third film:

  • Colonel Zaysen is this. He destroys entire Afghan villages, kills innocent people, women and children with mines, bio-weapons and other evil stuff For the Evulz.
    • The novelization of the movie ramps this up PAST eleven with a scene (thankfully) not in the movie, as Zaysen orders his dragon, Kourov, to pour acid on a young Afgan prisoner's chest until the boy eventually dies, for no other reason than to antagonize Trautman.