Tear Jerker: Prince

Prince has done it all - loud & proud rock & roll, R&B lust anthems, sugary pop songs, and some soul-crushing heartbreakers.

  • The six-minute "Sometimes It Snows In April" from Parade, stripped to nothing more than acoustic guitar, piano and vocals.
  • From The Gold Experience, there's "I Hate U." Over the top? Maybe. Narm? Yes, particularly the "courtroom scene" on the bridge. Rip-your-guts-out sad? AYUP.
  • The title track from "Purple Rain" is an obvious candidate.
  • The seemingly cheerful pop song "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man" is, in a bit of Lyrical Dissonance, a flat rejection of a woman that's obviously on the rebound, and it's a major downer, especially from a guy who by that point never met a bedroom romp he didn't love.
  • "If I Was Your Girlfriend" from Sign O The Times at least until the creepy last minute.