Heartwarming / Prince

  • "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" is a really sweet song. Coming from Prince, an artist best known for his sex jams, it's nice to see him so sincere (if hyperbolic) about the girl he loves.
    And if the stars ever fell one by one from the sky
    I know Mars could not be, uh, too far behind
    'Cause baby, this kind of beauty has got no reason to ever be shy
    'Cause honey, this kind of beauty is the kind that comes from inside.
  • "The Arms Of Orion," a duet with Sheena Easton and one of the lesser-remembered song off of his Batman soundtrack album. It's an appropriately ethereal ballad which sounds just as beautiful as the name would suggest.
  • "Beautiful, Loved And Blessed," another gorgeous duet, this time with his protegé Támar, about The Power of Friendship.
  • When the producers of Happy Feet asked Prince to let them use "Kiss," he originally turned them down. But then they showed him footage and he not only changed his mind, but wrote a new song for the soundtrack, "The Song Of The Heart," which is basically the cutest thing ever.
  • The amount of tributes from music luminaries past and present following the Purple One's death. Everyone from Paul McCartney to Aretha Franklin, Bruce Springsteen to The Smashing Pumpkins - no matter how different their styles of music, they all united to pay tribute to a legend.
    • Most of them picked "Purple Rain" as the tribute song, which is already a pretty powerful song without the absence of its creator. Bruce even performed it twice!
    • Love it or hate it, Madonna was a pretty good choice to pay tribute to him at the Billboard Music Awards, what with her also being an '80s icon.
    • Even "Weird Al" Yankovic, who had spent most of his career ribbing him for not letting him parody any of his songs, paid his respects, saying he would honor The Purple One's wishes and never release any future song parodies.
    • Billy Joel opted to perform "1999," and a bunch of other artists (such as McCartney and the cast of Hamilton) did "Let's Go Crazy." Because in the end, wouldn't Prince want to be remembered as the partier to end all partiers?
    And if the elevator tries to bring you down
    Go crazy - punch a higher floor!
  • After his death was announced, the person behind the parody account Prince Tweets 2 U said that he had seen the account and thought it was Actually Pretty Funny.
  • In the Fatman On Batman episode following his death that week, Big Name Fan Kevin Smith basically gave an hour-long eulogy of Prince, gushing about how he was the truest artist ever, with the skills and the business savvy to literally do whatever he wanted, until he's a crying mess. It also features the single most sincere use of the word "fuck" from a man who regularly uses it as punctuation.
    "That man had the ability to manifest the present and the future. Do you know how many people could fucking pull that off? Like, very few!"
    • He also mentioned that his one regret was not getting to bury the hatchet with Prince after The Purple One took umbrage with Smith's unflattering standup story about him.
  • Shortly after his passing, it was revealed that Prince had donated thousands of dollars to schools in predominantly black neighborhoods to fund computer coding programs, hoping that it would help young black people become successful entrepreneurs (being a Jehovah's Witness, he couldn't disclose his charitable donations).