Heartwarming / The Protomen

In General

  • The fans' devotion.
    • The amount of attention the Protomen's pages have gotten on this site.
  • One news post detailed the band's delight at a giant LEGO fortress. The paragraph ended with Scartoe sleeping in the arms of a giant brown bear.
  • The circumstances behind the release of the "Breaking Out" demo. A fan poked somewhere he wasn't supposed to go and ripped a low-quality MP3 of the song, posting it on the forums. The Protomen edited out his post, then released a high-quality version in their newsletter, reasoning that if everyone was going to have one they may as well have it in good quality.
  • At one show, Panther fell ill to biological weaponry and was unable to sing, and the Nightwalker stayed behind to tend to him. So KILROY recruited two audience members. One, codenamed the Ringer, played keyboard on "The Stand (Man Or Machine." And the other, codenamed Steve, played Megaman in "Vengeance." The next day, Panther personally thanked them, especially Steve... and called him back up for an encore.
    • Not to mention that they stayed an extra day and played an extra set after the whole festival was officially supposed to end.
  • On March 4th, 2011, they started a pledge for $8,000 to help finance a documentary about the band and set it to run for 29 days. The goal was reached, and surpassed, within five hours. The final total was over $32,000.
  • Demon Barber comforting Commander after he lost his beard to the robots, in a Shout-Out to Top Gun.
  • "Beard's Going Nowhere" is mostly fun. Then you get to the parts involving Emily, and it becomes funny, sweet, and heartbreaking all at once.
    When I was younger, things were different
    And a man was allowed to be a man
    But I grew up too fast, like I was racing with the devil
    I've felt the blade so many times
    Emily girl, won't you take my hand
    and we'll ride
    Across the barren face of this desert road
    You set my wheels on fire
    I'll rev my engine till the sound is just deafening
    Emily, girl, I swear we'll make it out of this wasteland...
  • The band singing Happy Birthday to the Gambler.
  • At the Act I Vinyl Release Show (the first official release of "Fade to Phil"), after "Due Vendetta," Panther announced "this is how the album really ends" and launched into a phenomenal cover of "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins. But what really pushes it into Heartwarming territory? The return of Demon Barber.
    K.I.L.R.O.Y.: [nuzzles him] It's good to have you back, Demon.
  • Playing "Beard's Going Nowhere" at Nerdapalooza 2012 in memory of Triforce Mike.
  • A lot of interactions the band has with fans counts. As a thanks to fans who voted them into the Bonnaroo Musical Festival, they held an ice cream social/concert.
  • The band's President's Day 2013 auctions have 25% of the proceeds going to charity.
  • The 10th Anniversary show, featuring "Beard's Going Nowhere," "Separate Ways," a pinata shaped like Doug Fetterman, and the return of Heath Who Hath No Name.
  • After a limited-edition T-Shirt sold out very quickly, the Protomen apologized by making a new print of it.
  • In one of the Cover Up's story tracks, Light is asked about Emily and says she was a fighter. In an earlier track, he had this to say to Emily's spirit.
    "I need you to know something... the way we used to be together... it was real. And no matter what happens tonight... no one can take that away from me. Or us. I gotta go now. I'll see you soon."
  • The Light up the Night music video is one big love letter to the Protomen fandom, featuring common fan theories like Joe loving alcohol, the Protomen existing in-universe, and Dr. Light meeting KILROY.

Act I

  • "The Will of One" has this in the middle.
    Megaman: "Even here, it is not safe... Even this grave has been defaced. Someone has written here, on this stone...in some angry hand... Hope rides alone!"
    Light: "You have heard me tell this story many times before you sleep. No matter how dark this city gets...even now, there's hope for man..."
  • Megaman's refusal to fight Protoman counts. They are brothers.
  • Proto's determination to help the City somehow even as he's dying.
    Protoman: "If these people tell this story to their children as they sleep, maybe someday they'll see a hero is just a man who knows he's free."

Act II

  • Emily's devotion to Tom, and Light and Joe's passion for saving the City. Which both go horribly wrong.
  • Dr. Light's motivations for building the robots—in memory of his father, who died in the mines, and to prevent his girlfriend Emily from suffering in the factory.
    Light: The one I love, she works so hard...works her fingers til they bleed...Some of the pain that she endures would bring a strong man to his knees. And I only want to help...
  • Emily's utter devotion to Light—she died because she refused to leave him.
  • Joe's speech to the girl in the bar.
    So kiss me fast cause there's no time to lose/Leave the light on, I'll come back for you/When everything is said and done, I swear I'm gonna make it right...
    • The prototype lyrics, too.
      So kiss me fast cause there's no time to lose/I promise someday I'll come back for you/And if I die, don't blame yourself; we all do what we think is right...
  • The image of Light and Joe working together to attempt to save the City is very sweet. The singing helps, too; you can feel the bond of trust between them though they've only just met.
    Joe: "You and I... we'll bring back the light..."
  • Joe's thoughts in "The Fall" eventually turn towards the children of the City and how, for the first time, they will know silence.


  • The female lead's determination to save the City.
  • Hold Back the Night has a short Badass Creed that plays in the background during the final choruses, making the song end on a hopeful note.
    We can hold out past the endless dark
    All a fire needs is a single spark