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Tear Jerker: Poker Night 2
  • If Claptrap ties with Brock and Ash:
    Claptrap: A tie?! That's like kissing your sister!
    Ash: ...My sister's dead.
    Brock: Mine too...
    Sam: (sadly) I had a sister once... She was erased in a temporal anomaly...
    Claptrap: ...Awkward...
  • Brock tries to remind GLaDOS of Cave Johnson, stating that Rusty told him that he used to hang out with the original Team Venture. GLaDOS can find no trace of him in her files, stating someone or something redacted all traces of Cave...then she begins to wonder why she feels sad.
  • Ash's stories about his fiance, Wendy, and how it ends.
    Ash: (reading the engraving on the ring) My life's an open book. (looks down, quietly, and puts the ring back in his pocket)
    • It gets worse, it's implied that Wendy engraved that onto the ring.

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