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Tear Jerker: Pocahontas
  • Kocoum's death. Just look at his face when he's struggling with John over the knife. He genuinely looks heartbroken over seeing his future wife stab him in the back, and promptly shot in the front.
  • This tribute is not for those who want to sleep with a dry pillow tonight.
  • Whatever else you say about Pocahontas, don't try and pretend that the final two minutes don't bring a tear to your eye... the music, the animation, the silent goodbye...
    • Nakoma's tears as well. Fridge Brilliance sets in when you realise she's probably feeling incredibly guilty since she is partially responsible. Seeing her moved to tears over her best friend's plight...
  • "Colors of the Wind"
  • When Pocahontas goes to see John Smith the night before his execution; made even better (read: more-likely-to-make-you-cry) in the cut sequence by the beautiful rendition of "If I Never Knew You" performed by Mel Gibson and Judy Kuhn.
  • Also, Pocahontas' heartfelt speech as she begs her father to spare John Smith's life.
  • The song "If I Never Knew You". C'mon, admit it. You get choked up at the scene in the tent, too.
    • The ending, but special mention goes to the original rough edit. A reprise of "If I Never Knew You" is present, John looks like he's on death's door, and both of their expressions are heartrendingly broken. The 10th Anniversary Edition restored two lines of this reprise.
  • "Where Do I Go From Here?" in the sequel. Pocahontas spends the musical number wondering what she can do now that John Smith has apparently died. At the end of the song, she is on the clifftop (where she last saw his ship sailing away from) and buries his compass in the snow - as a way of saying goodbye to him.
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